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We're expanding to Europe!

news May 28, 2018

We have wonderful news to share with all our translators.


Working from Mexico has been amazing—we love Mexico, in fact!

We have been bringing projects to our translators from all over the world, and our geographical location has given us a strategic position to work with clients in America.


Now, we believe audiovisual producers deserve to be served with excellence.

We want nothing more than to take the challenge and exceed their expectations, which in turn, will result in more projects for our translators.


So, if despite the geographical limitations, we’ve been able to provide excellence in our service to our European, African and Asian clients, imagine if we were working from Europe as well!


With that in mind, we’re extremely proud and happy to share with you the fact that we’re expanding by opening Collot Baca Subtitling offices in Switzerland to better serve our European clients and to offer our reliable services to new clients.

The feeling is great, the expectations beyond imagination.


Everyone at the Collot Baca team is thrilled and ready to launch into this new adventure.


We want to thank each and every one of our translators and clients who have contributed to this expansion.


We know this will be a major step to keep improving and bringing more and more high-paying jobs and projects for all our translators and freelancers.


If you’d like to know more about the agency you’re most welcome to visit us in our website:, and you can also see our Business Presentation:

 Collot Baca Subtitling - Business Presentation


In this presentation you will find information on:

  • Who we are
  • Our services and what we do
  • What can clients can expect from us
  • Some of our clients and what they say about us


If you’re a translator not currently working with us and would like to do so, please email us your CV to:

[email protected]


If you’re bilingual and would like to learn how to start a career in the Audiovisual Translation industry please check out our courses at:

Collot Baca Subtitling Academy | Our Courses


Talk soon!

Alma Baca

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