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How To Get More Clients Through Great Service

freelancer coaching May 22, 2018

Do you want to get a lot of clients? Then you'll want to give great service.

In this article I want to share with you the gift of knowledge that will help you define it and determine the type you currently offer.

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How to determine what your service is?

First, you need to define what service is. Oxford Dictionary offers this definition:




Assistance or advice given to customers during and after the sale of goods. ‘they aim to provide better quality of service’


Then, you need to determine exactly what it is that you do—what your valuable final product is.


For example, if you work at a company that sells cookies and your job is to pack those cookies, your valuable final product is not to pack cookies: it’s the actual sale of the cookies.


Your customer wants cookies and your job is to create a kind of bridge that the product can go through to create a positive experience for your customer.


You are part of a bigger process and if that isn’t clear to you, not only are you no contributing to a great service from your company, but you’re doing the opposite by being a barrier in the flow to achieve the company’s goal: to sell cookies.


You pack the final product (the cookies), and that should be very clear to everyone who is a part of that process.


How service is evaluated

You don’t need to evaluate your service from the outside—your service must be measured from the inside.


Once you’ve determined what the complete service bridge for your client is, you can measure the performance of each part of that bridge based on each part’s responsibilities. By doing this you’re in a good position to determine which type of service you’re offering.


As you may have noticed, most companies measure service based on the customer’s satisfaction, and the company’s decisions are made based on the percentage of customer satisfaction, depending on whether it’s high or low.


But they do that without clearly defining what service means to them and what type of service they offer.



Determining your type of service

First of all, you must know there are 4 types of service.


You will first want to get familiar with them, then measure your service to identify which category you’re currently in.


Once you’ve done this, you have put yourself in a strong position that allows you to measure and make changes based on your goal.


“Only what’s seen can be solved"

“Observation is the only way to solve a situation.”


Analyzing only makes you look for the causes of a situation, but this isn’t the first thing you should do.


For example, when a door has swollen and won’t close properly, you don’t sit down and wonder why it’s swollen (find the cause); you get up and find out where it’s swollen and fix the specific area (find a solution).


Once the problem is solved, you’re now in a healthy position to find the cause for the problem.



The four levels of service


You create your service based on one single thing: the exchange that comes from your transactions.

Your service is based on the goal you’re trying to achieve, and it’s best to define the category you want to belong to, so as to better achieve this goal.


These are the four types of service:

1. Rip-off
In this type of service there’s practically no exchange. It’s what criminals and con-men do. “You pay me and I don’t deliver what I offered.”


2. Incomplete service
This is what’s called a “perverted exchange.” The person receives less than expected. In this type of exchange, the person that provides the service or product finds all kinds of excuses to justify their shortcomings. This comes to the point where people tend to make up situations—which they will even end up believing themselves—justifying why they didn’t deliver as promised.


3. Fair service
In this type of service, you give exactly what the customer asked for. You deliver on the agreed quantity, quality and date. There is no additional effort of any kind to deliver more than what was agreed upon.


4. Service in abundance
This service is where you deliver more than what the customer asked for. However, this doesn’t mean to just deliver a larger quantity of the agreed product or service, but to always give some added value, like a loyalty card or something that will help your customer save on their next purchase.


Service is not an art, but the sum of organization, clarity and the level of belonging that your team members have for their positions. This creates a bridge that will help your customer flow through with clarity.

To go out and seek people’s opinion on your product or service is an excellent measure, but it can only be useful if you fulfill the description of service in abundance.


Otherwise, it’s like going and asking your friends and family what they think about you.


You will receive different answers and you will be left with no idea of what to do with them; or you will respond by trying to please everyone, which you already know doesn’t work.




Your company has an identity and an organization that work as a body for the fulfillment of your purpose. The type of service you provide will determine how smoothly you achieve this.



Now, let’s test your comprehension. Answer to yourself:


  • Which of the four types of service did you identify your business in?


  • What are you going to do to reach the fourth type?


  • If you identified yourself in the level of Service in abundance, what are you doing to be there?



I hope this information helps you become better and improve the people around you and your environment itself. If you liked this article, I invite you to share it.


Stay posted, I’ll be sending you a new article soon.


Best regards,


Alma Baca
Coaching for business actions improvement
CEO - Collot Baca Subtitling

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